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      All this talk of towers and skyscrapers made me think… (not picking on ANYONE!!!)

      What about groundscrapers?!? I think a bad one is just as offensive as a nasty high rise. Think Eircom on Stephens Green… that thing goes on for ever and the same heigth the entire length, the bricks… a sea of bricks…

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      To have a true groundscraper it is necessary to keep the number of entrances to 1. This will give you all the disadvantage of a highrise, with none of the advantages. All traffic in and out of the building is through this door – usually with a security/reception desk. On exiting the building you now need to walk to the end of the block before you encounter anything – such as a shop or even another office entrance. One door and one use per city block is not enough to stimulate street life.
      At least Eircom is not next door to another Eircom… To fully apreciate the groundscraper environment get down to the IFSC there’s no end of examples there.

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      Hmmm – my favourite groundscraper breeding ground!

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      yes that is very true.

      i hear that many people out there dislike the royal dublin hotel aswell. i also hear that some of the older shopping centres including the ilac and the irish life mall are disliked. i guess it is just because they are old compared to liffey valley and the jervis centre. i remember before the jervis was built. the old hospital was very visible. it look like an invitation for messers. i remember seeing doors that just opened up on to hugh drops. it looked so unsafe. it looked like it was going to collapse at any minute. anyway another building that i hear people don’t like is the ulster bank on dame street. it has ruined the look of the older/important buildings in the area. the buildings on either side of the bank do not blend in at all. any comments?

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      The Civic Offices extension.
      OK, it uses good materials, has been well-maintained, has that atrium and little park and most importantly hides the ‘bunkers’, but… let’s face it, it’s essentially a tower block set on its side.

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      Whatever about the blandness of Eircom on the Green (Ardilaun Centre) it does complement the streetscape very well. Its lack of silly brick embellishments as seen on other similar late 80s/90s buildings also makes it more streamlined than most.

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      Rory W

      Ah but what of the way the Ardilaun centre staggers drunkenly down Cuffe Street – surely a mistake

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