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      Hi all,

      I was wondering if anyone knew what the standard graduate wage was? For example a person with an Honors Degree in Interior Architecture? How much can they expect to be paid, initially?

      Your comments would be greatly appreciated!

      Thanks in advance. 🙂

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      peanuts if you can even find a job…
      With the amount of people unemployed and people from other parts of the EU there will always be someone cheaper with 3-4 years experience. I’m guessing in the low to mid 20,000 range starting positions in the OPW for an actual architect I have seen 39,000 public service is a better deal…

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      thanks for that reply, i figured as much its a dog eat dog world out there. I’m 37 have been in the work force since I was 18, but have just graduated in to my new career so its very difficult to take such a huge wage cut when I’ve so much experience working but obviously not much expericence in archtiecture, oh well, I’ll just keep trucking. Thanks for your reply

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      I wouldn’t necessarily agree with Missarchi.

      Its difficult to say given the state of the economy and jobs market at the moment, but in the last two years the starting wage for a graduate architect would have been in the low thirties with some offices matching the OPW. I suppose offices are being more discerning now however and an interior architecture firm may be different.

      Also I wouldn’t write off any experience you have in other industries as irrelevant. Any management/ business experience is very valuable so don’t undersell yourself.

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      thanks reddy, I’m working with an architect at the moment, but not getting very good money at present, but also not quite sure how to broach the subject, never was 🙂
      But I’ll definitely have to have another chat as I cannot surive on what I’m getting at present.

      thanks for the comments very much appreciated

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      I’m not trying to stir shit here but in some countries there is minimum wage for a profession ect.
      which is generally double the actual minimum wage so not to bad but not amazing.
      We have partnership agreements in ireland???

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