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      I cannot believe that the ‘portals of darkness’ (far too genorous title) are actually going ahead. Please, they are just awful, completely devoid of all sense of place, meaning, time, architectural merit etc.
      I have to say I feel quite angry at all those who objected to the Cosgrave/SOM plan purely because it was widely known that planning permission to build ‘the portals’ had already been granted in the early 90’s.
      The fact that Cosgrave/SOM dismissed the original plan for the site, calling the proposed structures ‘portals of darkness’ just adds salt to the wound.
      I hear that the local residents are extremely angry that the ‘protals’ are going ahead. Did they honestly expect the developers to sit back whilst permission to build a high-density development (no matter how awful it looked) was still valid.
      Not only are the ‘portals’ hideous but they are going to be built opposite the Cusom House of all places!
      I liked the new plan for the site. It was by far the lesser of two evils. I think there is universal agreement on that point.
      Whilst the developers are equally to blame for this architectural mess, they did make substantive efforts to ensure that their new plan for the site was accepted.
      We just cannot allow the ‘portals’ to be built. Dublin is on the verge of an architectural disaster (one of many you might say, but this is one is of far greater magnitude.)
      Does anyone in the Corpo give a damn???????? These buildings were designed a good decade ago for Christ sake! & now they’re actually gong to be built!
      Is there anything that can be done to stop this? Please!!!

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      Rory W

      I’m reminded about the tale of the Siemens Nixdorf building just off Leeson Street, which was built around 20-25 years after the planning permission was given around the late 1950s. This too is a crock that Dublin could have done without!

      Rory W

      PS Read the full version of events in Frank McDonald’s ever excellent “Destruction of Dublin”.

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