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      Architecture students are being offered a free copy of the state-of-the-art industry standard architectural design application, ArchiCAD.

      The free deal is available through which explains: “Now the power of ArchiCAD is accessible to all architecture students, for free. Simply download the software, and you will receive a serial number, good for a month of use. Then, after submitting proof of student status, you will receive a serial number valid for a year.”

      Apple has consistently applied itself to the architecture market in its attempt to boost new markets for its products.

      “Fully equipped with the latest communication tools and technologies, and widely used by both education institutions and professional architects, the Mac is the ideal platform for architecture students.” the company explains.

      Among its many advantages, ArchiCAD offers a Virtual Building feature which allows architects to conceptualise the building in all its dimensions within a data-rich 3D simulation.

      Apple calls the application, “one of the most efficient tools for producing traditional plans and elevations.”

      The company also draws a parallel between its award-winning engineers and product designers and the work architects do: “Apple’s designers and engineers agonise over every millimetre of every new Mac and every pixel of the user interface. Our pursuit of efficiency through functionality and simplicity mirrors qualities that architects value highly in their own work.”

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      There was free copies of this available in DIT bolton street a few weeks ago. I meant to get around and get a copy to try out but was busy with final project. I have heard good things about ArchiCad but I just got AutoCad 2007 and looks like i’ll be sticking with that. Alot better than previous versions, and only going to become more so the industry standard

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