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      Paul Clerkin

      Was just in the former Goodalls factory on Distillary Road….. magnificent concrete shell roof…. with rooflights at the apex of each cell…. I counted 9×12 bays with colunms….

      the rest of the interior has moderne aspects in the stairwells, use of glass blocks and doorways….

      the exterior has two towers for those who know the area….

      photographs to come….

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      Paul Clerkin

      View of the roof and factory floor

      View of the rooflight, roof is curving so the interpenetration is quite cool…

      Just a general shot of the interior of another part of the plant, note the round windows and the curving walls below…

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      Nice pics!!!

      Any idea who the architect is???

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      Paul Clerkin

      no idea but I’ll find out

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      those skylights will play havoc with the paper in the summer. paper can expand by up to 4mm’s with direct sunlight and will give the operator on that folding machine in the foreground endless amounts of peoblems in the summer.

      sorry, bookbinder pedant

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