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      What is the most straight forward way to way to find a reliable Architect to design a house in the Dublin area. It’s a bit daunting to continue to ring through the listings in the yellow pages or from the RIAI. Is there a website somewhere where people have posted their past experiences with Architects? Is there any easy way to find Architects who specialise more in once-off houses rather then just the big projects?

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      Ask all your relations and friends and friends parents, everyone you know, and you will have a list of the good and bad! This is how most people find an architect.

      Did you visit any individual websites? Don’t be dazzled by how flash the website is, look at their photos. You know yourself what style you are looking for.

      Some Dublin Architects don’t like doing houses because sometimes they turn out to be un-profitable if the design/ tender stages take a long time. Keep them on the phone, and reassure them you are not the type of client who will get caught up about the colour of your carpet at the planning or tender stage!

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      Paul Clerkin

      Be choosy when selecting an architect
      The Irish Times

      Find the right architect and you’ll have a beautiful home, but choose the wrong one and it could be a nightmare. When Richard and Joan Martin employed architects Sheila O’Donnell and John Tuomey to design them a house by the sea in Co Louth, the four of them piled into a JCB and were lifted into the air to find the ideal height for the perfect sea view. The finished house enjoys views out to the sea from many rooms, has space for a grand piano (which Richard plays) and shelves galore for the many books owned by the clients. So, choose the right architect and you will have a beautiful home that suits your needs and addresses the surrounding area. Choose the wrong architect, or try to go without one at all, and you face a potential nightmare.

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