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      I would appreciate knowing what is the criteria for fencing between adjoining properties. I live in an estate and my neighbour has planted hedging which is over 2m in height. I would like to know if this is exempt because it does impact on the light in my front room which is approximately only a metre form it. I read somewhere that fencing must be no more than 4ft in height but as this is hedging is it permitted. I am concerned that it is actually going to grow higher than it is at present and that would be even worse.

      I really wouild appreciate learning what the criteria is regarding this.

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      You are broadly correct about exempted fencing – generally 1.2m to the front and 2m to the rear (Schedule 2, Class 5 of the P&D Regs).

      I’m not aware of any Regulation of hedging – but, unless the hedge is between your window and the south to southwest sun, it is unlikely to seriously affect your light (at 2m).

      I don’t think the Planning Authority will get involved – have you tried talking to your neighbour?

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