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      Have just been informed by farmer that 2 large slatted houses which were granted planning permission have been built without submitting a commencement notice. He says they never asked for one!?

      Im wondering what is the status of the development at present and if it is not favourable how would one rectify it?

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      I thought Agricultural buildings were exempted developmetn and as such do not require PP?

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      Building without planning permission is a criminal offence – building without submitting a commencement notice is a civil offence (wrap on the knuckles and fine – if the council were to take proceedings – which they are very unlikely to do).

      I checked recently with a council on a devepment where planning permission was granted but the developeer didn’t submit a commencement notice or the commencemnet notice was not registered by the council – the council were not in anyway phased or concerned by this.

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      It is a zero sum game as although a commencement notice has not been sent it is an authorised development with the exception of the breach of one planning condition. If the commencement notice is sent in retrospect then the breach would be deemed to be rectified.

      The one provisio on this is that the structures built complies with the plans and particulars i.e. the scale of buildings, location and materials as approved in the planning grant. If not then it is a question of whether there is a significant difference between what has been granted permission and what was actually built. If there is/are major difference(s) then it would be a case of part of the development being unauthoised.

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