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      I’m just wondering what the policies of various Irish councils is to providing the kind of facilities many people have in their garden to apartment dwellers.

      In The Netherlands there are allotment areas situated around all the major cities and for many people, these become almost like gardens that are detached from their homes.

      Then somewhere like Hong Kong, you get communal barbecue areas in places like Repulse Bay. Somewhere you can just go with your charcoal, your food and your friends/family because you don’t have a garden available.

      So in the new Ireland of increased densities and increased levels of apartment dwelling are there any local authorities that are doing a good job of providing this kind of facility or is the answer as depressing as I suspect?

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      Fair question!

      There used to be allotments on the Grand Canal many years ago, also there were allotments on the River Liffey just before the entry into Chapleizod.

      There are not too many allotments – the South Dublin Allotment Association is yer best man! Website: http://homepage.eircom.net/~sthduballots/

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      @jungle wrote:

      or is the answer as depressing as I suspect?

      “All you need when you need it under the tree at Spar”

      This is something that i find really depressing, no playgrounds, no pocket parks, no tennis/basketball courts, ping pong tables, nothing. Spar, boylesports, hickeys chemist, sure that’s all ye need.

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