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      I’m sure some of you have looked at this picture before, but it really is as cool an image of Dublin as you will ever see. Be warned- it’s large and you have to look at the full version for full effect.

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      Anyone here like to dip into Tom Clancy books? You can pick ’em up pretty cheap sometimes in the bookstores. I read a couple of chapters on the 1991 Gulf War book he wrote about the airforce, which is actually quite interesting. There is no doubt about it, when going into war, this kind of fore-planning through sat photography etc, etc, is very valuable. Of course, I am positive this kind of image can probably have some excellent and peaceful uses too. But isn’t it strange, how it a world, where we can now supposedly ‘see’ the world in much more vivid detail and from angles we never had before,… the American passport thing, and security, liabilty insurance and so forth,… all has stopped us doing stuff, you would have taken a bit for granted just a number of years back. Does anyone see a paradox in there someplace? We can see the world much clearer and in more graphic detail than ever before,… but we were never more worried about some hidden danger, that is invisible to us!

      Brian O’ Hanlon.

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      That’s a great image alright. Thanks for posting it – I went looking a while ago and couldn’t find a copy at all…
      Has anyone ever come accross a (n even) higher res vesion by the way?

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      The latest best thing on the web

      Google Earth

      You need to download the application first, but once you’ve done that you can smoothly zoom from space right down to house level. The level of detail is really good (think mapflow / myhome etc) but because the app uses caching you have really smooth pan and zoom functionality. For the wole world.
      More detail on the northside of dublin than the southside. Which is nice for a change! Check out Marino for some find town planning, Marvel at just how big the docklands really are, Chuckle as you notice that you can’t see Galway because of a rain cloud!

      To really give your broadband a hammering (and make yourself jealous) look at the amount of data available in the US. Try zooming around Manhattan with the 3d building models turned on.
      Enjoy 😀

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      Cheers for that kefu it is a great image

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