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      A quick question, does anyone remember a slaughterhouse that used to be in the Grand Canal Dock area? I think it was called ‘Dublin Meat Packers’ but I couldn’t swear to that. Is the building gone now? What replaced it if so?

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      There was a slaughterhouse along the Grand Canal at Upper Grand Canal Street. I can’t remember what it was called – possibly Dublin Meat Packers as you say. It was pretty large and took up most of the site now occupied by the three large buildings south/west of Grand Canal Dock DART Station – Esat Bt, Accenture and Pfizer if I’m not mistaken. (But not, I don’t think, the site occupied by the apartments on the corner of Upper Grand Canal Street and Barrow Street). So, in other words, at the bridge between Upper and Lower Grand Canal Street, the site between that bridge and the railway track on the Lansdowne Road side of the canal.

      The slaughterhouse was certainly open until the mid- to late ’80’s – I used to walk past it on a regular basis. It may even have been used in the early ’90’s.

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      Cheers seamus, I was fairly confident the building had gone but wasn’t exactly sure where it used to stand. They used to transport cattle by train to be slaughtered there I believe. Twas a fairly tall building, I’d say 5 storeys, would that be right?

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      Thoms Directory 1961

      “International Meat Company LTD” 2 Upper Grand Canal St, Dublin

      Dublin Meat Packers, appears as
      St Anne Ballymun –
      (this is / was behind the new CIE garage, on the Airport edge Road, several hundred yards to the S)

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      I couldn’t say at this stage how high it was. It might have been 5 storeys, hardly any more than that, though. It’s quite hard to say because the canal changes direction after passing under the bridge between upper and lower Grand Canal Street. The level of the bridge is a good bit higher than the ground level on the far side of the canal (the old yard of the slaughterhouse). So what might have looked like a two or three storey building as you cross the bridge might in fact have been a five storey building. I hope you get my drift.

      It might have been the International Meat Company. (thanks to Google). That rings a bell – but unfortunately so does Dublin Meat Packers! 🙂

      Edit – aha, I now see that dc3 has beaten me to it with that info. I had missed that post.

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      Rory W

      I remember it being quite tall actually for the area, not as tall as the buildings currently there but tall none the less. Larry Goodman’s company I think?

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      I’m not sure that it was a Goodman operation… After the closure of IMC it was run by a firm making hamburgers from MRM and supplying the catering trade. The original developers were – I think – Brian & Tony Rhatigan.

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