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      Isn’t it a disgrace that with all the money currently in the Irish economy that there isnt a proper development plan for the city overseen by architects instead of planners? All we are currently leaving to future generations is a city full of poorly designed buildings. If, as, is often written nowadays we are in a golden age for the country why is Dublin being developed so badly?

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      john white

      Further to that

      Why, if Ireland is doing so well and we all have such great $%*£ing jobs and the Celtic Tiger blah..blah.. crap, IS IT THAT:

      We have the second highest level of poverty in Europe?

      Well, it’s all a case of most of the cash going to the few isn’t it?

      Unfortunately they seem to be largely an uncultured and concienceless shower and will do with this country what they see fit.

      That’s the end of my Daily rant.


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