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      Interesting suggestion by Shane O’Toole in today’s Sunday Times that to preserve the original Dublin airport terminal, it should be moved so that they can build new facilities. It seem that they already did this in Denmark, moved the entire terminal building.

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      Good idea, far better than allowing it to be swallowed up by whatever new crap they throw up around it, i dont hold out much hope of it actually happening though.

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      It’s agreat idea, but I cannot really see the political will to fork out the money to move it. Afterall, they have the power to stop the new pier being built in the first place an dthey won’t do anything.

      Wouldn’t it make a great aviation museum?

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      Well I hate to say it but there are two big flaws with these suggestions. Where would you move it to at the airport? and who would pay for it?

      Incidentally it would not be suited as an aviation museum, – which needs big internal spaces and wide access to display aircraft, which ought to be the key element in any such museum. If you want to have a look at what makes a good display facility for aviation, have a look at the award winning superhangar at Duxford (UK) or the Kermit Weeks Fantasy of Flight complex in Florida.

      Art Deco Ireland is atwww.geocities.com/Paris/Salon/6941/deco1.htm

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