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      Seems to be a lot of new developments in Drogheda these days. About time, the town has been a wasted opportunity for too long.

      Not keen on the new footbridge though.


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      The colour of the Sky in the dusk montage is particularly virulent

      It always annoyed me having to walk down to the road bridge when coming from the station it is progress at least on a functional level.

      Not to mention the wastage of land the other side of the rail bridge on the station side, the floorslab for the partially constructed industrial unit annoys me most

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      Paul Clerkin

      Originally posted by Diaspora
      The colour of the Sky in the dusk montage is particularly virulent

      Obviously light pollution from Dublin 😉
      Agreed that a bridge was needed here, just not sure on the design. It’s not particularly cutting edge is it? Someone needs to take a long hard look at Drogheda, as the town centre really needs to be cleaned up. Too many bad 60s 70s and 80s building squeezed into the streetscapes.

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      they’re basically rebuilding most of Merchants Quay. It’s certainly taking much of the shabiness from this end of town away

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      How many bridges are going to have this wishbone shape? (James Joyce bridge, Macken St., This bridge etc. etc.) – its becoming quite a popular design but hardly original.

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      Has anyone seen the new Scotch Hall development in Drogheda. It is absolutely huge and starting to look really well.
      I think Douglas Wallace did the design for this as well as the bridge. They are really taking on some big scale stuff!
      I actually like the look of the new bridge – might be similar to others that went before but certainly never seen in a small town like Drogheda

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      Scotch Hall is starting to take shape all right, will be nice when they renovate the rest of that side of the Quays. It will also look great with the cleaned fronts of teh older buildings on Merchant Quay facing them. Nice juxtaposition of old and new with the rail bridge as the backdrop

Viewing 6 reply threads
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