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      Docklands Authority Seeking Dublin’s Answer to Sydney Opera House
      9th December 2003
      The Dublin Docklands Development Authority today announced that it is seeking proposals for the development of a major cultural building for the performing arts in Grand Canal Harbour in the Docklands. Occupying a 6,300 m2 site, the building will be a landmark of outstanding architectural quality in a spectacular waterfront setting.

      Surprised that there was no comment on this proposal (or maybe the fiasco over the U2 building has turned people off!)

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      I remember reading that in the Times last week ……Woaw eh!…..I can imagine already what it could look like and what it probably will eventually look like, especially if the monopoly of Scott Tallon and Walker have anything to do with it! ………..Doh!

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      Nothing like a competition for a landmark building. This city is crying out for a venue with decent acoustics.

      Fin’s post on Ghery’s musical masterpiece with the unfortunate name.

      Something like this may diminish somepeoples view that the Docklands is bland.

      Roll on the U2 tower and whatever else may follow it’s lead.

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      So you reckon there is hope for the Dublin docklands Diaspora, now that a substantial amount of infill and regular shite has been built it can act as as a backdrop to the showpieces etc….

      The best is yet to come then….so we all hope!

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      I really hope so, the development planshould be reviewed with all the others nationally.

      The one thing that the docklands has done well, is that virtually alkl development is reversable. Due to the plot sizes being decent.

      So buildings such as AIG house, could in theory go to be replaced by something twice it’s height.

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      Caltrava’s harp like bridge will definitely be a great contribution too.

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      Maybe the shoebox development of the Docklands has been all part of the DDDA’s master plan, to highlight the landmark buildings!
      Yikes – thats scary enough to be true
      Forget I said anything…

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