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      I am seeking to engage an architect to extend a red brick terraced house currently c. 900 ft sq. I have not got a clue how to go about sussing out what’s what and who’s who.I know that an enquiry about a domestic extension is unlikely to enthuse any self respecting architect. The other pitiful creaures who’ve asked don’t seem to have had much joy.
      Any enquiries of the professional bodies haven’t helped so any sort of a nod or wink in the right direction would be much appreciated. Anything more detailed would make my day.

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      I’m sure that more than a few contributors to this site do the odd domestic extension,

      My advice would be to post the dimensions you seek to extend to, the location of the house and what styles you have seen work well elsewhere. Getting the basics like domestic extensions right can be just as rewarding as any other work, how far are you prepared to go with it?

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      Thanks for the reply.
      Looking to extend a red brick terraced on Dublin’s North side, two storey two up two down c. 900 sq ft. Small kitchen to rear with bathroom on return.
      Looking for something special, happy to pay as much as is required. Predominantly interested in maximum use of light. Very taken with work of Box Architects in Blackpitts. Have no real idea, however, how to evaluate which architect best suits my needs in terms of quality and value, nor how to go about finding out. Hence the call for help.

Viewing 2 reply threads
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