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      I’m a newbie and in search of some advice / support. We are looking at relocating to Kerry, to old family home. The site is very long and narrow, with road to front and stream to rear. The stream has special area of conservation status, but this doesn’t appear to have stopped people from messing with course of river upstream (cutting out meanderings to make ‘neater’ boundary on fields). As a result the river has moved closer to our house. There also is a septic tank on site, which I would prefer to upgrade to something lower maintenance and to a better spot on site (i.e. away from stream, but PP will be required again).

      We hope to knock old 1 storey extension, replace with 2 storey extension to increase living space (so PP required), rework living space on both floors, move focus of house really from front of house (road) to back of home (stream), somehow make it more child friendly (well as safe as you can get while sandwiched between road and stream!), and are not too sure where to start.

      I really want to make this site work (as family have lived on this tiny site since 18th century), but am trying not to be led by emotion.

      Can anyone advise me
      – where I can get information on regulations surrounding septic tanks (I’ve only found information from commercial companies so far)
      – would you go to an architect first or talk to area engineer first
      – should I mention the fact that people have previously rerouted the river bed (including KCC) when speaking to area engineer (bear in mind that these people will be my neighbours)
      – am I daft and should I just abandon the plan and live in one of those estate houses on the edge of the village (with naff mock pillars at the front door)?

      Apologies for long post, typos and disorganised train of thought. I’m one-handed typing with a teething baby on my knee.

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      Got some great advice from an architect today… It was suggested that I make myself known to Jackie Healy Rae to make sure his family were aware of my potential planning application :eek:. What kind of a world do we live in? God love this architect, maybe he’s just being real.

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      Paul Clerkin

      Try talking to a different architect for a second opinion…
      This may be a good opportunity –

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      Thanks for that link Paul. There aren’t any Kerry based architects listed but I reckon I’ll try and find someone on that list from another location. I’ll be missing out on the local knowledge, but….

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      Have a look at the relevant development plan, guidlines on the KCC website there maybe a service called G-Plan which generates some relevent information for the immediate area.

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