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      Seems like these old buildings should have been retained …
      They contributed to the setting of the park gates, along with the little granite gatelodge just inside. And they were some of the last remaining older buildings on Castleknock Road.

      Densification arguments are fine but who would actually want to live in the new apartment building for any length of time with traffic going by all day and all night? Afaik it was a large site, so apmts. could’ve been built at the back and these buildings retained for office use or something. Pity …

      I don’t have any planning details. It’s within Fingal.

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      Shame, lovely old terrace which looked to be perfectly sound from the exterior. Was that a mystery bank holiday fire job by any chance ?

      All the worse given thats its replacement is so unremarkable.

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      I don’t know anything about the fire Peter. But they certainly were not beyond repair.

      Just noticed an NIAH entry for them now. You can see how elegant they were with their front site boundary railings. Very poor show Fingal County Council for permitting the demolition of these. They made a significant contribution to the architectural heritage of your county. You should have stood up to it. Too late now :

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      A charming and relatively unusual purpose-built terrace – such a shame.

      What’s particularly offensive about its replacement is the new road boundary: defensive, crude and utterly devoid of animation. An affont to the passing pedestrian and road traffic, not to mention incredibly boring to have to walk by. Contrast that with the former open, welcoming railed gardens of interest and vitality, and frontages reassuringly near the roadside.

      How are we supposed to improve the lot for society by turning our living environments into such hostile places. Seeing the likes of this and so much worse lining link roads, by-passes and roundabouts across the country would make your head spin. It’s depressing what we’re creating for ourselves, and made all the worse when perfectly good historic buildings are lost in the process.

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      Hello, can you tell me if the lodge is still standing? it appears to be on the photos, but is that also
      due for demolition? The reason I am interested is because my late mother lived here as a child with her parents
      many years ago. We are living in England but always make a special visit to the lodge when we are in Dublin.
      It would be very sad if thay demolished it as well as all the other lovely buildings that were across the road.

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      Hello Sheila. The gatelodge should be safe enough, as it is State-owned. Though the Office of Public Works, who maintain it, might get around to replacing its PVC windows with the original timber design …!

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      DCC is currently in the process of listing a number of buildings in the park, I suspect this will join them if it hasn’t already

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