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      Did’nt Croker look brilliant yesterday and what a great victory for the Dubs. But what’s the plans for Hill 16 and the Nally stand….the last reminents of the old stadium….This end of the stadium looked bloody awful…old, archaic, out of place. I thought they were going to redevelop this area too….like having a more uniform terrace and putting a permenant scoreboard in. Sad to see the Irish tricolour somewhat lost among this pile of rubble. Hope it’s not going to be left like this.

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      ………well I once saw the model for Croker and it showed the roof of the stadium in a full continuim, so presumably Des will put a similiar stand in there aswell…………and then a while back I heard that they were goin to leave hill 16 roofless and put seats in…..much to the scorn of the Dubs…… to answer your question I don’t know

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      Paul Clerkin

      The last model I saw had the Nally Stand in the same design as the rest and an open Hill 16 presumably with seats….

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      As far as I know, the railway line behind the Hill 16 end makes it very difficult to build a stand there and complete the “bowl” shape of the stadium. At the moment the GAA’s planning permission says they must put seats on the hill, but apparently they’re re-applying to be allowed leave it as a standing area, although the residents are going to object to that.

      On another point, Croke Park must be the only major stadium in the world without a set of floodlights! Its ridiculous when you think about it, even junior football teams have floodlights at their grounds but a £200m+ stadium doesn’t!

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      yep thats the situation as i understand it too Blain, they are waiting on a decision to allow them develop an all standing terrace at that end of the ground bringing the capacity to 82,500. Currently they have permission for a seated terrace which would leave the capacity at 79,000.

      The stadium does look great, although for some reason the roof of the new Hogan Stand does not meet that of the Canal End and sticks out quite a bit further, i assumed they would meet exactly, as is the case with the cusack and the canal end, maybe they mis-calculated?? or maybe they were just trying to ensure that the big wigs in the posh seats in the hogan will not get wet 🙂

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      I think they recognised belatedly that the roof doesnt come out far enough over the Cusack side and the Canal end and they decided to increase the length on the Hogan side by another 8 metres. A pity they didnt think of this originally. But it still looks fine and is a very impressive stadium. I would have preferred the stand to continue right around the entire pitch though.

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      Here’s a reply from the GAA I got……..

      I reply to your letter regarding Croke Park and the Nally stand, the GAA have already applied for planning permission to replace Hill 16 and the Nally stand with a new EUR25m state of the art terrace.This will be phase 4 of the plan in the redevelopment of the Stadium and we will begin the necessary work as soon as planning restrictions allow.

      …………………..sounds good does’nt it

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      What is a ‘State of the art terrace’???? (note terrace NOT stand!)
      Sounds like this end will remain uncovered, with no seating. How this will cost 25million is beyond me.

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      Maybe it will include a large video screen for replays etc…….and an electronic scoreboard too…..(and let’s hope they install a few flag masts to give the tricolour as well as the flags of the 4 provinces pride of place). A good deal of construction needs to be done over a rail line I suppose which is in the way.
      And how about then they open the ground up to all sports while they are building the Bertie Bowl and redeveloping Landsdowne Road.
      However they are still adhering to the original plan for Croke Park…….I remember seeing the proposed model and it was a distinct horseshoe shape with the hill 16 end a terrace.
      It is magnificent….well done to all involved.

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      Andrew Duffy

      There is a small picture of the model here. It looks very unfinished, but you can see the awkwardness of the site by looking at the overhead photo on IOL or OceanFree’s mapping services. It’s also worth looking at the overhead view of Lansdowne to see the development potential of that site.

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