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      Anyone familiar with the Cork Street area? The entire street is effectively being rebuilt, on both sides of the spanking new road that has been put through the Coombe. A series of apartment blocks are growing all along the route, and I’ve heard mixed views about them so far. What I wonder is how much overall planning has gone into the area. Given the dereliction and devastation of Cork Street up to a couple of years ago, it represented a major opportunity to redevelop a huge area of the south inner city into a sort of urban village. not sure that opportunity has been taken….

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      I would agree with everything you have said above,

      There was a unique opportunity with Cork St to acheive a model urban form with unified building lines and some much needed civic facilities for the surrounding area. What has been delivered were investment products that have been recieved by the market with varying degrees of success. There was a thread done on this a few months back

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