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      All the talk of tall buildings.
      What about making more of the tallest
      windmill in Europe situated of Thomas St.
      near the Guinness Power station.

      It’s a fabulous building and could be
      brought to life the way the chimney in
      Smithfield was.

      A kind of lazer light projecting the
      image of the sails that once hung from
      it could be one idea.

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      i though that i read a few years back that Guinness were planning on restoring it… but I passed recently and it still looks abandoned…..

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      I think they were going to do something a few years ago on it but abandoned it on cost grounds. It would be a great anchor feature for the brewery and would definately become again an improtant landmark. Hows about a lobby group from this site to at least see if Guinness are or would consider it for the greater good. Not that a commercial organisation is likely to care about architecture.

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      john white

      I believe Gunness are supposed to be pulling out of Ireland {that’s what I heard!} probably because even THEY can’t afford the shagging place anymore!

      The ‘Most Cost Effective strategy’ will probably be demolition I wouldn’t be surprised.

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