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      What a lifeless street Copper Alley is,
      a nice idea to create a new street in
      Temple Bar West but it’s rare to catch
      a soul walking on it.

      I think this is partly because it doesn’t
      really join properly with Dame Street.

      The best thing maybe would be to use the
      Blank windowless side wall at the corner of
      Dames street to draw the eye in and get
      the Alley noticed.

      I’m sure some funds could be diverted away
      from the hospitals for this artistic/monument
      type use.

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      Well part of the problem is that because it in inserted into the existing streetscape, the two buildings at the top on Lord Edward Street do not address it.

      Perhaps some work on the Hotel, like a new entrance on the corner etc would help.

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      Rory W

      I assume you are talking about the new Cow’s lane and not Copper alley (the laneway running behind and parallel to Dame street.

      Both could do with “livening up”
      Rory W

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      Plonk a pub there that should liven it up…..|I’m only joking!

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      Paul Clerkin

      No doubt Greg, there is some city planner somewhere deep in the bowels of the Corpo bunkers who is thinking just that. “The street is dead lads, lets okay a superpub”.

      These things take time, the buildings at the top will eventually open out facades onto the new street and eventually all the shops will be in use, all the apartments inhabited and this will all add a feeling of life. Just be thankful that life doesnt equal vomit strewn pavements as in the remainder of Temple Bar.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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