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      From today’s Independent:

      Historic house is saved by quick-thinking locals

      THE quick thinking of local residents has saved one of Sligo’s oldest buildings from demolition.

      The early 18th century house on High Street, a protected structure, is considered one of the last surviving original houses on Sligo’s oldest street.

      In the days before Christmas, local people informed a councillor, Declan Bree, of their belief that the house was at risk of being demolished during the holiday.

      It emerged that the owners of an adjacent building site had been asked by the owner of the protected structure to allow access to the back of the building through the site.

      The development company at the building site advised council officials, who had remained on duty at City Hall, that such permission would not be granted.

      Sligo Borough Council then received a request from an agent acting for the building’s owner calling for its immediate demolition because it was “considered dangerous”.

      A council spokesperson said yesterday the owners had been advised that such a proposal would not be considered.

      An Taisce has praised the vigilance of the residents.

      Anita Guidera

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      If this is the house I am thinking it is, then BRAVO to the residents. It’s in bits, but nevertheless an absolute architectural gem and I have yet to see another building anywhere in Ireland like it. I was planning to go down and get some photos of it in the next few weeks as the JCBs and bulldozers are smashing everything and anything around it. It’s had “luxury apartments” location written all over over it.

      BTW – I have to say that I think the NSS “gateway” status is being used as an excuse to destroy much of the old charm of Sligo town. A lot of lovely old streets which could of have wonderful potential to save them in an historic manner, but instead have been turned into half-assed versions of the Dublin Docklands. It’s good to see the population of Sligo town increasing as this was always its main problem, but a chance to save an almost in-tact historic urban core has been lost forever.

      The result was that Sligo town centre has gone from run-down, but rustic, to half-built, steel, glass and wood but in many ways even more shabby – devoid of charm. The lessons of 1960’s England have not been noticed. Is ‘Bradford on the Garavogue’ really an improvement over the old, run-down, but very charming Sligo which could of been rejuvented without the aid of bulldozers? Currently the local council are obsessed with building a multi-story carpark next to the historic Abbey (putting it in shade) when even the town manager admit there is no major demand for parking around there as the business quarter of the town has shifted to the East away from the Abbey.

      I think future generations will look at old photos of Sligo, the way we look at old photos of Dublin and mourn the loss and lack of foresight. It was the badly-built and scuffy 1940’s suburbs of Sligo town with needed the bulldozers and the apartments, not the historic core.

      In some ways the town has been improved greatly, but the whole feeling is of lost opertunity when you see a street of fully in-tact lovely tradtional old Irish buildings being demolished to make way for some future advert in the Sligo Weekender property section – right across from some headline about “foreign tourists ignoring Sligo, TDs demand action from Dublin Government…”

      Anyways, it’s great to see this amazing building saved by the locals and fair play to them.

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