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      Personally I thought the redevelopment ok, and would have brightened what is and has been for years a terrible eyesore. On the plus side it should make it very difficult for the Dublin Port Company to get permission for its grand landgrab plans from the bay.

      The site of the proposed development, that of the former Clontarf Baths, is located
      within an area subject to a development objective to preserve, provide and improve
      recreational amenity and open space, in which new development is generally confined
      to development in amenity and recreational uses associated with open space, with
      cultural and recreational structures being open for consideration, according to the
      Dublin City Development Plan 2005 – 2011. It is the policy of the planning authority
      to protect and enhance the amenities of such areas. This development objective is
      considered reasonable. It is considered that the proposed development, by reason of
      its nature, scale and intensity would not come within the scope of the zoning objective
      for the site. It is further considered that, due to its considerable length (exceeding
      sixty metres and including a cantilever over the foreshore) taken in conjunction with
      its height and the associated surface car parking, the proposed development would
      compromise the recreational amenities and detract from the visual amenities of the
      public open space, especially the adjacent promenade and the views from it over
      Dublin Bay. The proposed development would, therefore, seriously injure the
      recreational and visual amenities of the area, would conflict with the development
      objective and would, accordingly, be contrary to the proper planning and sustainable
      development of the area.

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