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      I did a search and couldn’t find any hits for Clonburris. It looks like an improved Adamstown and to be honest, the area is pretty unremarkable as it stands.

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      It’s coming along nicely through the early stages of planning, as far as I know. Used to be called Balgaddy too, if that helps a search.

      I noticed recently that amendments have been proposed- lower numbers of units based on varying scenarios, such as the alignment of Metro West etc. I think it’s officially a Variation to the SDZ Planning Scheme, but I’m open to correction on that.

      The layout looks quite promising as well. Adamstown was a step in the right direction, and this seems to build on the lessons learned from that SDZ. Also, one of the lead planners from Adamstown is involved in the Clomburris project, so I’d be quietly confident of a good result. This patch of land has been idle for too long (originally intended as a new town centre for west Dublin, to the best of my knowledge, but overtaken by Liffey Valley *sigh*), so it’s good finally to see development – and promising development too – appearing in a relatively appropriate location.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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