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      See that the former Virgin cinema on Parnell Street is to get a make over by it’s current owners UGC……..Considering it is only a few years old it is to be totally gutted for a totally new revamp.

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      Paul Clerkin

      Theyre merging it into the former IMAX next door…. i think its a distinct improvement on its current appearance…..

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      That looks very good, hope it will look like that when finished though!

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      Where did the picture come from BTW. I have to say it looks fantastic. All of that complex is gone very dirty & dingy looking.

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      Purple sunset in the east too. It’ll be interesting alright

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      Call me a she-dog, but that’s the most unrealistic image I’ve ever seen. It gives me no idea of what the building will eventually look like because my brain starts screaming “DECEIT DECEIT DECEIT!!!!” as soon as I look at it. It also reminds me of Las Vegas?????

      So I fear for the worse (or the more likely scenario of something just the same as it is now). The interior could use a lick of paint though…


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      looks like a screenshot from some 3d game! i like the current staircase leading up the cinema level though, brought my nephew there before and he looved walking up it with the spot lights above.

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      Looks like a fairly minimal reclad

      new ugc banner & reclad to upper levels of block on corner of Kings inns street/Parnell street + new entrance to former imax cinema

      Sorry but looks like something produced in a hurry for a client meeting
      I get a bit worried when lasers in the sky & headlights in the foreground are used-seems to be overcompensating for the building design

      looks like a touching up in photoshop of an nightime shot of the existing building

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      doesn’t look like much to celebrate to me

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      I remember Parnell Street west was little more that one huge surface level car park a few years ago after the Corpo demolished the whole street for road widening…hence the dual carriageway that exists there now which was to run straight through to meet North King Street. It is rather odd to see a building that was supposed to rejuvenate the street now faces the same fate……….but at least it won’t be left with a gaping hole as like last time. Shooters bar or what ever it’s called is to get the chop too………but overall I suppose it is good to see this street somewhat rejuvenated………especially with the development across the road at Pennies near completion…..and all the buildings are of a substantial height.
      Gives the street named after one of Irelands greatest patriots a bit of dignity which it seriously lacked.

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      Rory W

      I saw this image on the indo property section a few months ago – it seems to be the generic ugc style, as I saw something similar in Cardiff (no searchlights though).

      Actually – its a huge improvement on what is there at the moment – surely that ranks as one of the worst buildings in the country

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