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      Just realise there is all bunch of drawings there, quite interesting. Seems like Henry J Lyons have got incredible job in this taught times:

      And seems like “Decision Due Date: 14/07/2011”!!

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      Agreed, HJ Lyons did well.

      But the credit is well due them as they had a division in China for a while.
      Other equally big Irish architectural practices were looking more towards
      the Middle East.

      Maybe this be a trend-setter for other Irish service companies . . .

      On the China Hub planning application there is next to nothing about it in the
      newspages . . .a strange thing considering the massive pay-off if it proceeds.
      Westmeath local papers list the local objectors — e.g. local farmers, neighbouring
      houses oveershadowed by the height of the buildings, objectors to the windmill,
      and so on.

      I’d like to see a virtual walk-through video of the whole scheme à la that of the
      Tipp Venue project that was broadcast on YouTube.

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      When I lost my jobs some time ago I considered to go to China and even sent my CV to Henry J Lyons, but with no response. But seems like you have to have Chinese division to actually get a job in Ireland :-).

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      Then you’d better hup to it right fast, cause Henry J is now reruiting
      staff in Shanghai according to their own website :

      But maybe it’s just one of those kiteflying exercises . . .
      Or maybe they want Chinese speaking architects . . . .

      Ni xi huan Henry J ma ? :thumbup:

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      They are recruiting like that since 2008 or even earlier.

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      @Aseek wrote:

      And seems like “Decision Due Date: 14/07/2011”!!

      Any news on whether or not this first stage got approval?

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      Why do the words gift, horse & mouth spring to mind?

      A decision on a planned Chinese Hub for Athlone has been put on hold.

      Westmeath County Council has requested further information from Athlone Business Park Ltd, the company behind the project.

      It has 6 months to submitt the extra material. The local authority will make its decision 4 weeks after receiving the information.

      If given the go ahead the Trade Centre at Creggan would act as a European Headquarter for Chinese Products.

      It woule be one of the biggest single private sector employers in the country, even bigger than Intel or Hewlett Packard.

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      I’ve heard of a south african lady, based on south african experience, who commented to her irish relative, “whatever you do don’t let the chinese in”!

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      The China Hub project is due to be decided on by An Bórd Pleanála soon.

      It is being promoted by Athlone Business Park Ltd, controlled by local developers Aidan Kelly and Michael O’Sullivan, with former Roscommon county manager John Tiernan acting as chief executive. Athlone restaurateur Ken So has been acting as a conduit for the Chinese investors, whose identity is unknown.

      Now, I’m all in favour of this thing in essence.
      But isn’t there something a bit Irish about the financials here ?
      Like the old story of the “contractor” with no more than a wheelbarrow to his name putting in an estimate for new multi-million public works scheme . . .

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      Seriously! Really!

      I mean I know all the smart people have left the country.
      But hey why not build this shit… cant make much of a difference now. Throw in a few Tescos while your at it.

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      I think we are seeing a pattern to ABP decision making.

      Want to build an illegal mega casino in a field with a plastic white house replica and no public transport? No bother.

      Want to build a million square foot office complex as far as possible from any airport or sea port and with no public transport bar a single track railway several km away and a bus? No bother.

      Want to build a hospital in the centre of the capital city beside all current and future planned public transport hubs? No way, sure it would look big from Dorset street, the jewel of urban Ireland.

      B A N A N A

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      They got it.

      Gotta hand it to them — they parlayed an idea with ‘secret Chinese investors’ till they got planning permission and now they’ve got it — they’re going out to China to look for those investors. :clap:

      Looks like Kenny So’s going to be very busy negotiating on behalf of Athlone for the next few weeks.
      A fresh supply of hong bao envelopes will be needed. :thumbup:

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