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      Hello to all.
      Well here I am, an architect in a small country- Lithuania. I wish to move to Ireland sometime around 2006 june. I was thinking what would be the chances for me to get a job in architectural designing firm In/near Dublin. I suppose there are some laws, that I should already know. So, if someone can paste some links to govermental pages, or even to certain necessary laws, I would be most gratefull.
      as for me, I have been working as an architect for 2 years. I know most of the programs necessary for this kind of work pretty good (acad, archicad, 3dmax, photoshop, everything microsoft related). Soon I’ll have my master studies finished.
      Well? What can I expect? Is it possible to find an employer before leaving my country?

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      What is the problem? So many people viewin this thred, bot none replieing..

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      try the RIAI website for new job vacancies, other than that, you can just blanket email all the architects listed on the RIAI website, that’s what most new graduates here do and there’s a 100% employment rate for young architects, I think. I doubt that you’ll be the first Lithuanian working as an architect in Dublin either, in my office we currently have 2 Czechs a Pole and a Slovak.

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      I am amazed, how a country of the same size manages so well! I respec you.
      I had already found some sites posting job offers, this one seems to be an even more convenient one.
      I my self am not a usual post graduate, I have already been working as an architect, even on my own, for 3 years , if to put all the work time together.
      Yet i wonder hol irishmen treat this concurency, though not so notable..

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      Familiarity with the Irish Building regulations would be a help

      Sections A to D

      Sections E to M

      Overview of the planning Application/permission process here

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      Many thanks frt the links. That is exactly what I wanted. Now I’ll have some time analysing this data.
      And I’m still curious about what do local architects think about foreigners comming to take their job away. Although it is not the same as the flood of imigrant workers, but it should give some thoughts anyway. There are plenty of architects here, so getting a job and keeping it is quite hard. Not mentioning all the postgraduates, that need jobs too.
      Yet another (uncomfortable to ask) thing.. What fees should be concidered averige, low or good for particular duties in ireland? I really have no idea…

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