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      im looking for some informaiton regarding cg pre-visualisation media for architects, e.g. the availability, mostly in-house or outsourced and strong and weak points. any information would be helpful,



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      thats great 🙂 thanks

      i see cg pre-visualisation as a big advantage to architects and designers, giving them the ability to show their designs to investor/contactors etc, in a detailed way, before construction has been started or millions of pounds has been invested. im am interested in seeing how big the demand is for these kinds of services and advanced services, from small architect firms, or large upcomin firms without inhouse cg teams.

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      You should take a look at a company called G-NET Studio , there annimation and visuals are excellent and when we spoke to them their prices were very good value

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      I m a Architectural Visualisation 3d Animator working in Malaysia. I have done a lot of projects….Housing, Highrise,Township planning, Interiors and etc. The reason why we need this 3d rendering so call modeling is because the client can able to visualise the form of the building. And animation plays an important role whereby we can visualise hows the form of the building going to be and also feel the interiors of the building with good and realistic lighting effect. So by one good presentation we can sell the design. So it’s very important to have both walk-thru and realistic perspective rendering. There’s advantages and disadvantages regarding the matter of in-house and outsourcing. If we have it in-house it’s better because the architect can working closer with the animator and changers can be done anytime….where as if we are outsourcing the project the price going to be huge and when changers is done it’s also money. So why not get ur own powerful workstation and the software( Max 8) and do it in-house.

Viewing 4 reply threads
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