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      Just back from the gym about 10 minutes ago, and I’m annoyed, frustrated and upset. The old cricket club on the grounds where the gym now is is being gutted into 2 skips and has been for a couple of weeks now. Just thismorning though I learned that the building is to be knocked next week. As kids, and from other people around the old Maccabbi grounds years ago, we were always told that this was a listed building…. firstly how can I go about finding that out, and how can I do that before its all too late?? here’s some pictures although not very good….

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      who’s the local authority?

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      is that up in Kimmage somewhere?

      you could try DCC’s protected structure list at

      but frankly I’d be amazed if that kip was on any list other than the “list of buildings of absolutely no architectural merit that should be razed asap”

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