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      Can someone here please tell me if there is a government policy to get rid of all the semi-detached and terraced housing in the major cities of Ireland ?? Because from what I can figure out its a absolute disgrace.

      Not only does it make the country look like Lego Land. Its also completely at odds of what a modern country should be doing to provide living space (and the amenities like small parks, playgrounds etc). Its bad for transport including buses , trams and metros. Semi-d’s over 40- 50 years should be demolished immediatley.

      Shouldnt the government be trying to get higher accomadation in all of the major cities in Ireland and build in medium dentisty with small parks, more playing grounds, etc ??

      Someone posted a arial photograph from google maps of north dublin and it was a complete joke. You wouldnt see anything like that in any other major western european city who is always complaining about house prices in the capital and lack of space inside the M – 50.

      The same applied for all the other cities although not on the same scale as dublin.

      So lets sort the mess out.

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      Its just another problem that has been obvious for ages, but no one cares to do anything about. Ireland is a joke at the moment and there is no one bold enough to bump heads and fIx it.

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      Some discussion on this subject:
      I agree that it’s a disgrace.

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      But how about we start a lobby to regenerated areas of the cities to modern accomdation that can accomadate more people in a single areas yet provide more space for them and for amenities????

      For a start that means adios to all the Semi – D’s and terrace housing. The government did some work with Ballymum and Fatima mansions to provide medium dentisty housing with all the amenities (hopefully). Why cant that be extended city wide and in the other major cities.

      Are the builders still building houses in Dubiln ? If they are its the biggest failure in this country since the planning fiasco. Any time there is econmic news there is always pictures of Semi D’s being built. Maybe i need to travel around more but its prettty worrying.

      Its just sensible planning. How come this major topic is never discussed on tv , the newspapers or radio ??

Viewing 3 reply threads
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