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      Im wondering if anyone can help me out. The local authority have issued proceedings against a development that no permission was granted for. The case regarding it has been adjourned until november next. Can the developer remove the UD and commence with the development that has now been granted by An Bord pleanala, or must they seek permission from the LA for the removal of the UD first.

      If the latter is so, can you tell me what part of the planning act this would be in accordance with?

      Many thanks.

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      Anyony have an answer or an opinion regarding this query? Thanks again.

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      If its in the court system then you need to abide by its direction. The enforcement documents will stipulate what you can or cannot do. If in doubt ask in the planning office or if it has gone so far down the legal road you surely must have a solicitor

Viewing 2 reply threads
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