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      can anyone help re building on a boundary wall. we built a wall at least 5 feet in from the red line marked on our land registry map and a garage for which we had planning permission believing it to be on our property, the adjoining landowner claims we have built on the boundary and therefore it is illegal to build on a boundary wall. Also that there is not enough room to plant the required hedging as per our planning permission on the outside of the wall i.e. on “her” side. The adjoining side concerned is a drive down to some farm sheds. Also she was supposed to sign section 47 as part of our planning permission but it appears our solicitor didn’t persue that clause saying we didn’t give him our planning permission so he didn’t see it. We believe we did give him a copy of our planning permission but he has no copy in his file. Is this particularly serious for us that it wasn’t signed? Also we originally built our wall 3 feet in from what we believed to be the boundary and she told us she had an engineer out and he marked a new line showing where the correct wall should be it was all marked out one day when we returned home. we demolished the first wall voluntarily to keep the peace and built this new wall. We then found out that the engineer was not involved in marking the new wall and that they had marked it themselves! is it possible the land is incorrectly shown on the land registry map? please help. thanks

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      Sounds like you will need
      1. architect on site to assess site and all documents and to then brief
      2. your land surveyor to accurately map the site and boundaries
      3. a solicitor to front up to your neighboure based on consutaations with your architect

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      Don’t have a great knowledge on the area, but I do know that Land Registry maps are not always exact, in fact they even say on them that they are not conclusive evidence of ownership. You will find maps for adjoining properties that conflict and contradict each other, such cases usually better off sorting it out between yourselves or trying to locate the original deeds for the property…

Viewing 2 reply threads
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