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      Hi all. I mentioned during the week that An Bord Pleanala returned a decision under section 139 of the Planning and Development Act on An Appeal that was lodged for retention of a single storey extension.

      Basically this extension adjoins my property at present and although they’ve amended Condition 2 as they maintained the LA’s decision wasn’t appropriate for the area.

      The Inspectors Report recommended that 2. The porch and room extension have a singular front building line and eaves line to such extent as provides for an internal depth of extension not more than 1.0 metre. and The Board doesn’t stipulate why the include in their Order to extend this further (b) The external dimension of the porch and living room extension shall be reduced and shall project a maximum of 1.5 meters from the original front façade.

      Am I entitled to question why they deemed it necessary to add a further .5 metre to this development when the Inspectors in his Report states that I consider that the above would be consistent with the development plan provisions.

      You may view the Report and Order here

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      the report recommended a maximum internal dimension of 1.0 metres, and the order dictated a maximum external dimension of 1.5 metres. allowing for a 300mm buildup of a cavity wall and a gutter, the full extents of 1.5m isn’t unreasonable. the the further 500mm was added to allow for the envelope to be built around the recommened 1000mm internal dimension, if that’s the question you’re asking.

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