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      “The-Chris” suggested in a thread concerning the destruction of irish cathedrals and churches that an entrenched position on Bishop John Magee of Cloyne had been taken by those who oppose the wreckage of the cathedral sanctuary in Cobh. That, of course, had nothing to do with the purpose of that thread and may indeed have served to muddy the waters of the cathedral controversy. Praxiteles believes in keeping the oves and the boves quite separate from each other. Hence, if anyone wants to comment on the bishop of Cloyne and his ill advised involvment in the destruction of one of the finest monuments in the country, then let him do so here on this thread rather than on the art historical thread which has documentated the appaling extent of the destruction that has been practised on Ireland’s neo-gothic heritage. Here we go then………..

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      mmm seems to me theres an unwarrented hate-campaign going on against him which is being fueled by the media.

      I imagine this thread will turn into a glorious fight pretty quickly though.

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      Surely, all hate campaigns are unwarrented!!

      The_Chris is just a little too partisan in all of this business and would be well to look at matters with a more steely eye – otherwise we will soon have a new saint in the heavens.

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      The_Chris should take a look at another site featuring BIshop Magee.

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