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      I have an old 3 story Georgian house & would like to use the basement. One room has a wooden floor & this ir rotten & I hope to replace with concrete floor plus damp proof. Also going to dry line damp walls. Other floors are stone flags & are quite damp. I am considering lifting flags & putting plastic under for DPC. However, I note English Conservation advise is that this can drive damp up the wall & also does not recommend chemical treatment.
      I would welcome any advise or comments .

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      The chemical treatment thing puts a layer of DPC into the walls to stop the damp rising. I imagine your basement is a random stone build and the upper floors are brick – so this is not an option in your house. the injected layer will only work on a brick construct – the people who install it are unaware of this. It is due to the way it seeps through the mortar layer. . . but there is no such layer with random stone.

      Is the flagstone floor causing a damp problem ? it shouldn’t coz the damp should be evaporating through the joints . .. is the place heated and ventilated?

      You should replace the timber floor with a new one. But you should not change it. I’d bet there are ventilation shafts to ventilate the underside of the timber floor if it is original. … but alas it is timber and will rot . . .lasted 200 years though . . .. .not bad.

      Conservation is about replacing like for like. The Concrete floor will drive the water up the walls and damage the building in the long run – but maybe not in your life time. I should say i’ve put a concrete floor into my geo. basement – there was only earth there before it and it wasn’t deep enough to be cross ventilated for a timber floor which would have beent he best option for the house.

      I’m renovating a geo house in D1. The basement at the back of the house had soil right up against it. this causes penatrating damp. So I dug a trench along the back of the house – I found a stone slab 4 feet under the surface, sloping away from the house, cusing rain to run into a cavity , the size of a coffin – this was part of the original build to deal with damp and keep the water away from the house. I think this is called a “french drain ” or a soak away.

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