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      I’am currently writing a research paper on the regeneration of Ballymun around the core themes of identity and perception of place.
      I have read extensively about the history of Ballymun and the new regeneration project, however all the material for the latter is always very positive and well packaged.
      The original project was initially viewed very positively but turned out to be the country’s worst planning disaster. How do we really know its going to work properly this time? or can we really know for sure?

      All of the info for the original project is extensively recorded, what i’m trying to find out is how people feel about the new Ballymun, how Ballymun is changing its identity in order to be accepted into the rest of society and how their own perceptions of Ballymun have changed and why? Is it more than just the improved materiality of the built environment and the economic prospects?
      How has life changed in Ballymun and are the local people happy about it?
      Are there any negative comments about the project or BRL or are they really doing as a good a job as they say they are?

      I will be visiting local people, community organisations and of cource BRL in the coming weeks, if anybody has any other suggestions, i would be happy to hear them!


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      I would suggest you visit some of the new flats if you really want to learn about the regeneration. My guess is that you will find it very different than the information provided by BRL. Many of these flats were purchased under Section 23. Many are scary places. You should be able to walk right in because most often the locks on the entry doors have been broken. It’s a shame.

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