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      Interesting, if light on details, article about a well-camouflaged house in rural Leitrim.

      Apologies if this has been mentioned here before.


      …while on a vacation in Paris where he was inspired by a retrospective of the artist Dan Graham, whose roomlike structures mirror their surroundings.

      When Mr. Stevens returned from Paris, he presented a clay model to the couple in a carton that had once contained chocolate-covered chestnuts. (Ms. Djeribi, a Parisian, is a gastronome.) It was a distorted rhomboid-shaped living space floating over the hillside, the outside walls tilted to reflect more grass than sky.

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      Thanks for the link, igy. Quite interesting, though as is always the way the other photos are more revealing than the one chosen as the lead image.

      Also interesting in highlighting the fact that the way to do ‘progressive’ rural architecture is to make the building invisible. Seems like an admission of something.

      But this?

      In Mr. Stevens’s view, the house’s invisibility was less important to the department than his past experience with them. The council is “more progressive than people realize,” he said, and in any case, “I’m local, not up from Dublin trying to put something funny on them.”

      Very telling.

      I still don’t get what DS’s wife’s eating habits have to do with it. I guess that’s what you get with articles in the Home and Garden section of the NYT.

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      what i admire most about it is the lack of site definition… no path, no drive, no generic road boundary….

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      that was also in an irish publication a few months ago called ‘house’ or ‘ housing’ or something like that. i bought it in the airport to read on way to cork and have it at home but remember the pictures.

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      There was an (almost full page) article about this in one of the freesheets this morning.

      The editorial staff must read archiseek 🙂

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