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      I am so excited, I grew up near here and love the way Ardfry dominates Oranmore bay, I was always afraid it would just gradually fall down like butlers in Reville park.

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      Notjim, is that the house which is presently just a shell and is on the penninsulla to the south of the penninsula that the Galway Bay hotel is on?



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      Any word as to who is behind the renovation?

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      Paul Clerkin

      Permission for redevelopment of Ardfry House
      May 4

      Douglas Wallace Architects, Designers and Project Managers have recently been granted planning permission following An Bord Pleanala decision allowing the renovation and extension of Ardfry House, its stables and existing buildings around the walled garden in Oranmore, Co Galway on behalf of local businessman William Greaney.

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      I have mixed emotions on this, Firstly it highlights the funding crisis in Irish National Trust that an important property is not being opened to the Public, Fair play to Michael D all those years ago for taking the IGS portfolio of properties such as Castletown and ensuring their status as open into perpetuity.

      Secondly it is good to see work being done before the property deteriorates, the architects prior works appear to indicate that they know what they are doing and I’m sure they’ll make a tidy profit as well.

      But after 10 years of economic riches surely projects like this should be undertaken by the state or a properly funded National Trust, being honest no one visits Ireland for the weather.

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      phil, yes, its the shell on the peninsula opposate the boat club. i think it was burned down in the insurrectionary period, and then reroofed and burned again making the macintosh man, in which i appear as an extra, well i am baby and i appear briefly in the background. when i was young the family used to live some of the attached houses, there where three sisters and a brother, or husband, i can’t really remember. the sisters were always called the three white mice and were the classic molly keane anglo-irish, wearing tea cozies on their heads and serving cooking sherry out off cut glass decanters. i think the residue of the family wealth was squandered on the horses; something i have a certain symphthy with. Anyway, the house is shell and i am really pleased anyone would take it on.

      As for Diasporas point, i think the disgrace here is Butlers, which is in Renville park and hence in state ownership in some way, the park is well used to the point of being crowded and yet the adjacent golf course development was allowed to build holiday houses along the perimeter of the wood, so close it ruins the illusion of being in the wilds, they should have been foced to plant a buffer of trees or even ceed land to the park. The house is quite a small one, espessially compared to Ardfry, but, hansome with it and interesting, it has a dove cote and a well and so one; as it is, it has been ringed with a high wire fence and is being allowed to fall down, it has deterioted considerably in the time since the park was opened. It was also burned down by the way, but, in this case in the 70s during all the arguements about the land commision.

      As a further insult there is a ring fort in one of the fields on the other side of the park from Renville bay and someone was allowed to build a typical ugly big house say 20 metres from it. Its sickening, again, the land should have been bought by the state and added to the park with some sort of interpretative material displayed for the ring fort.

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      Just wondering if anyone knows the situation with this is. It seems that the appeal by Willie Greaney was granted by an Bord Pleanala in Febuary 2004 – Docs below. Yet no development has started as of yet:confused:
      Will Ardfry just crumble away – bit sad don’t you think

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      Visited and documented Ardfry back in the summer – no sign of any work ever commencing

      Did you see this website for this proposed development?

      I can’t believe this will ever happen given the current economic climate.
      Game over for Ardfry imo

      And the same story for hundreds of other big houses left falling into a pile of rubble up and down the country
      But I will try and document what’s left of them!

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