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      I am a first year architecture student and would like to subscribe to an interesting architecture periodical. I’m interested in a journal that would give me an insight into current architectural trends, Irish and worldwide. There appears to be a huge selection so I would appreciate any suggestions to narrow the choice.

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      EL CROQUIS is probably the best. it is usually a series of fairly in depth monographs on the most interesting architects practicing today. its quite expensive but they are more like books than magazines.

      Architectural Review is good if you want an overview of lots of different buildings in fairly brief terms. might be better if your only in first year. the better stuff from ireland will get into this but not very often

      Architecture Ireland is the RIAIs magazine this deals only with Irish architecture and has improved in line with the quality of buildings it reviews but still has a way to go to meet the international mags.

      A+U (architecture and urbanism) is another good publication.

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      My best bet would be A 10, a new publication. They publish six times a year and show a lot of very current projects. Its also cheap at 36 euro per year. Its a good starter magazine as it shows a wide range of current projects around europe.

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      Many thanks for your suggestions, I’ll definitely check out these journals.

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