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      mark k

      I own a house which is on Fingal C.C. list of Protected Structures. I wish to carry out work on this this property and I wish to find out do I need to employ an architect with any special qualifications.
      Also can anyone recommend surveyors who will survey this propery and the site which it occupies. So far I’ve had nothing but headaches trying to find someone willing to carry out the survey in the near future.

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      First, you need to find out what works require planning permission and what works don’t. This can be done two ways-
      a) Ask your local authority for a Section 57 Declaration, which specifies what works to a Protected Structure would affect the character of the PS- works that do affect the character require an application for PP, works that don’t usually don’t require PP and are considered exempted development; OR
      b) Ask your LA for a Section 5 Declaration, which states whether or not works are exempted development, i.e. whether they require PP.
      S.57 is PS-specific; S.5 is general for all types of development.

      Alternatively, you could apply for PP anyway and let the LA decide at that stage whether or not the works require it.

      Whatever you do, don’t just start the works on the basis that you think they’ll be exempt. Many works that don’t require PP for a non-Protected Structure DO require PP when done to a PS, and many LAs are becoming more vigilant on this sort of thing.

      Re your queries:
      It’s not essential to employ an architect with conservation experience, but it would be a good idea in the long run, I feel- knowledge of materials, processes, etc.
      Surveyors- can’t help, I’m afraid. A good conservation architect should be able to suggest some.

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      The works will require planning permission as per of the scope is to extend the building. I was told that the architect had to have a minimum qualification of a Grade 3. Does this meake sense.

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      Is Grade 3 the same as Part 3, I wonder. Part 3 is the final stage of an architect’s training, i.e. after they’ve completed their formal education and been working for a while they sit their Part 3 exams. Aside from that, I don’t know.

      Architect to thread please- planner out of his depth.:)

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      Grade 3 rrefers to the architect’s qualifications with regard to listed buildings. It is a different qualification to the part 3 exam required to become a practising architect. You should call the RIAI who can recommend a suitably qualified firm.

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      go to and click on “arch search”. select your location and define the conservation grade as “grade 3”. presto.

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