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      Peter Fitz

      Planning to move back in to my parent’s family home with the wife and baby, the place will need a single story extension, 40 – 50m2 – and a general serious overhaul.

      I have one quote from a fairly well known Dublin architecture firm – around 13k inc VAT to cover full cost of all design stages and 4 visits during construction.

      I have no clue to be honest what architects charge (more than landscape designers anyway!) but often hear that 10% of project cost could be expected. Our budget is approx 150k.

      So i’m looking for some advice;

      – Would the figure quoted be at the high end or what should I expect to be paying for the design of a domestic extension – the house is a standard enough detached 4 bed built around 1976.

      – Can anyone recommend other architecture practices for this type of project?

      Advide much appreciated.

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      Any mention of Building Control (Amendment) Regulations (SI 9) – which will apply if your extension is over 40m.sq. – of Health & Safety requirements in the quote you recieved?

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      Hi DOC, opinion seemed to be that we may need permission, as we are also demolishing a previous extension, advice was to put in a section 5 application initially, seek full permission if need be – all that was included…

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      Just saying like…

      …that under new building control regulations, if your extension is over 40m.sq., you will need to appoint a ‘Design Certifier’ and an ‘Assigned Certifier’…this does not have to be the architect (but can be)…if your extension is under 40m.sq., you do not need to worry about this…


      …under new health & safety regulations (see, given the size of your project, your (probably) need to appoint a H&S ‘Project Supervisor Design Process’ (PSDP).

      This all being in addition to appointing an architect! Our government are not making it easy!!!

      Important, if getting fee quotes from architects if the above services are included in their fee proposals.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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