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      hi, i attended court recently in relation to a boundary dispute and my solicitor emplyed an architect as an expert witness on my behalf and the architect charged a fee of 2000 euro which i think seems very expensive.
      the extent of his work entailed coming to the plot in dispute to measure with me which lasted about 2 hours, compiling a document to present in court and also attendance at court which lasted about 2 hours. inluded in his bill was a mileage charge of 180 euro and yet the court was only about 50 miles away at best, factor in the fact that he was also late as his car broke down. does this seem expensive, and has anyone attended court as an expert witness, what does this cost usually, any help or informatioin would be appreciated. thanks

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      Hi Section 4

      I asked around about this recently as I, as an architect, am attending court soon on a similar issue and wanted to know what was the going rate in terms of charges/fees. Charges also depended on what court you were at. The most concise response I got was as follows:

      For the District Court – report € 484.00 – attendance at court € 484.00 – copies of photos € 63.00 – preparation of sketch € 63.00.

      For the Circuit Court – report € 890.00 – attendance at court € 690.00 – copies of photos € 90.00 – preparation of sketch € 90.00.

      These figures would be exlclude VAT at 21% (I think ?)

      Looks like No. 2 sort of tallies with your costs?

      You have to remember, while it looks like an excessive charge, there is a huge amount of work that goes on in the background, even from the architects/expert witness side, to get to the court in the first place.

      I have gone for an alternative option of just charging an hourly rate for this type of service.

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      yes those figures seem to tally with that i am being charged, I would not mind but he was ineffective in court and was also late getting there which did not help but if those are the usual fees then there is no use maing an issue about it with him,, thanks for your help DOC.

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