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      So the lawyer Simon McGarr has started a thing on Fund-it to commission an article about 95 Merrion Square:

      Number 95 Merrion Square- known as Apothocaries’ Hall- is a listed building. It was sold to an unknown foreign buyer last November. It stands on the corner of Merrion Square, facing the Oscar Wilde statue, at the end of the Nassau Street/Clare Street tourist trail. It was one of the Square’s first buildings, finished in the 18th Century as part of the square’s transformation into the city’s most desirable address.


      It is listed but falling into disrepair.

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      Forgive me, but what has ‘active citizenship’ got to do with this?

      We have hundreds of vulnerable historic buildings all over the city, many candidates for National Monument status, but because a pane of glass is broken and a door is grubby on Merrion Square, a fundit campaign is established? Also, where is this money going and what is it for?

      And why is an educated lawyer not contacting Dublin City Council to serve statutory notice to put the building in good order, instead of setting up what appears only to be a self-promotion campaign?

      Sorry, but really – give me strength…

      How about a buy-a-brick campaign: there’s plenty going abegging in a big heap over on Benburb Street.

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      You help save one, it makes it easier to protect others: isn’t that how it works? In this regard, it is a building lots of people know because of the prominent location and the whimsical first floor covered balcony. Either way, the proposal, to document the history of the building, is attractive.

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      aaah I also think its worthwhile. Not everyone is hugely au fait with the vagaries of built heritage protection…hell most of the City Council aren’t! It doesn’t address the bigger need of course but its good to see ‘citizens being active’. Perhaps it will lead to further involvement…we could have the next Michael Smith here šŸ™‚

Viewing 3 reply threads
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