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      Hello there,
      This is my first time posting here. I hope that this is a suitable forum for this kind of query.
      The OPW has been attempting, for some time, to finalise its decision making process on closing the front portico of the Four Courts off from the public. I, along with some 20ish other people, lodged an objection to the installation of railings across the portico for this purpose.

      A record of correspondence and argument regarding this change may be found, in reverse chronological order, here.

      The decision to install the railings was conveyed to me on 21st Jan 06, citing Part 9 of S.I. No. 600 of 2001, Local Government (Planning and Development) Regulations 2001. I have yet to reply to this letter.

      The OPW did not affix notice of the planning application to each of the gateways into the Four Courts complex. The main gate, through which all visitors must not pass, carried no notice. I have spoken to An Taisce, and they say that they will not be taking up the matter, as it would involve a judicial review of the OPW decision. Even if that was successful, the OPW could simply restart the process and the end result would be the same.

      Do the users of this forum have any opinions or experience they could share as to what I might do next?

      Simon McGarr

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      Paul Clerkin

      Any further developments on this?

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