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      Hi all,

      just trying to get some advice, I am interested in getting into doing conceptual drawings/paintings and modelling for architectural companies and just wondererd if any body here had who might be able to give me some advice about how to go about it in Ireland? I used to work in the games industry but have since moved back to Dublin, where of course, there isn’t really a games industry to speak of.

      My portfolio site is at . The work posted up there is mostly game related but I think my skills whould translate quite well.


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      Hi Roonaldo,

      I reckon you should get a bunch of names from the site of architects – they usually would use people to mock up proposed 3-d enviornments. Give them a call and tell them what you do, then ask if it would be possible to go visit them. make sure you have a good pitch – e.g. examples of work etc. and be able to explain how your skills would benefit them. If they cant see you get the directors email and send him/her your link.
      Maybe you’ve done this already, but if not give it a try. I feel its always difficult at the start but you gotta keep on pushing!


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