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      I an era where talks have made a partial impact for peace in Northern Ireland, I believe it is time for an architectural contribution in order to reinforce this impact for a free Ireland.
      It is no secret that “Architecture” has always had an underlying and almost subconsience effect on future political outcomes.
      This so called “Spike” issue has good intentions but is focusing on the wrong priorities. Architecture structures and influences the context in which it is placed. Irish architects must use this “contexural bacic” along wth a brilliant concept known as “Critical Regionalism” to form a new architecture in which Ireland can use as a critical stepping stone

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      I always thought that it was interesting that at the time that the “Free State” was building the Department of Industry in Kildare Street [a more forward looking stripped classicism with deco overtones] that the NI Government was building Stormount – a heavy and ‘traditional’ form of classicism.

      At the time, irish ministers used to regularly attend meetings of the AAI because of a general interest in architecture and modernity…… can you imagine a minister with that interest now……

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