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      Hi everyone, I’m a long time lurker! I was wondering what you guys make of the new Stillorgan Local Area Plan?

      As you all know, Stillorgan has a pretty awful urban envirornment, and walking around it is an unpleasant and difficult task. The three major sites of former Blakes complex, the shopping centre, and the leisureplex are all ready to be redeveloped, and I believe they are all owned by Treasury Holdings. Surely this must be a unique opportunity to take a dysfunctional urban centre and completely remodel it, an architects dream perhaps?

      In my opinion, what is proposed is rather tame, it seems to propose moving the shopping centre to the blakes site, have a mixed use scheme on the current site, and add in a few cycle lanes and bus lanes. Also block traffic turning onto the old dublin road.

      Is it normal for a LAP to be so vague? Do you think it is appropriate to build just another indoor shopping centre in this situation? Could inspiration not be taken from the original?

      Also there are a couple of issues I am confused about, Treasury Holdings seem to already have planning permission for revelopment of shopping centre and for a huge development on the blakes site (up to 12 storeys). The LAP seeks to limit height to 5 storeys except for 1 landmark development. Why would Treasury comply with the LAP and lose density? What is the point in making this plan after 2 major planning permissions have already been given out?

      I’d love to know what you all think.

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      Paul Clerkin

      Higher densities part of new Stillorgan plan
      The Irish Times

      Higher densities, taller buildings and a new civic core are all part of the new district centre planned for Stillorgan in south Dublin as envisaged in the Stillorgan Local Area Plan (LAP), which has just been put out to public consultation. The LAP, which has statutory powers to govern all future development in the south Dublin village, has set a guideline height of up to five-storeys for the district centre of Stillorgan. It has also identified two areas along the N11 – roughly the Leisureplex site and the Blake’s/Esmonde Motors sites – where heights of up to nine storeys will be permitted. The plan aims to address population decline in the village by reviving the heart of the village, enhancing the diversity of housing and promoting higher densities.


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