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      Tim Pettigrew

      I’m sure this will open up a lot of debate but…

      I’m a student of Architecture in England and my final thesis project is to design a new school of Architecture in Ireland, within Trinity to be exact.

      Designing within Trinity campus opens up a huge amount of problems and an Architecture school…

      Ireland really needs a new school of architecture. There are over 6000 applications each year and less than 200 places…

      What sort of school is needed…
      another AA or a Bartlett,
      another Bolton Street,
      or what…

      any comments would be really useful

      email me at pettigrew_tim@hotmail.com
      or just post a response and get the debate going

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      Why within Trinity – the best thing about a new school of architecture would be the ability to start up outside the old establishments. Trinity is so self-contained and connects very poorly with its environs (it can even have somthing of a ‘colony’ feel to this day).

      Surely architectural education should be out there – i.e. anywhere it isn’t now, rigidly locked in a specific location of class, myopic taste and a slavish servility to industry.

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      i am fully behind this venture

      believe it or not i was discussing the same thing only 1 month ago

      trinity is the ideal place for a school that
      explores a new ‘theory’ (but i thoroughly dislike the use of that word, indeed any word attempting to describe architectural academia)- an academy for architecture that opens up the architectural debate within irish society.i don’t agree that housing it within trinity walls makes for a closed and elite school – but rather elevates its topics and projects to the notice of people and groups capable of broadcasting at the highest level, without popularising and undermining design thinking.

      i think a lobby group should take up the issue…

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      not aa or bartlett – a harvard or princeton

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      I hope this idea becomes reality sooner rather than later. It seems to me that the lack of a Faculty of Architecture in a University the size of Trinity is a glaring omission. And the record of Trinity as a patron of good modern architecture is pretty good,(e.g. Berkeley Library, Samuel Beckett Theatre, Dublin Dental Hospital), so I think we could have the prospect of a well designed School should they ever go ahead with the idea.

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      or a new building for the school of architecture, dit

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      Trinity has such a fabulous architectural heritage, how would that not stultify the ideals and future of the architecture students.

      Bolton street has always been reknowned for the craftsmanship of its students. What would Trinity have to offer. Surely there are enough Zaha’s and Tschumis in the world?

      How would the so called higher ideals of a school in trinity survive in the real world against our restrictive planning department

      For all of this I still believe it would be a fabulous idea. But maybe not in trinity and who would pay for it.

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      it’s a thesis project.
      It’s theoretical.
      Nobody will pay for it ‘cos it’s not going to happen!

      The new school of architecture in Porto, Portugal by Alvaro Siza is interesting as a building…but probably quite different to anything you might plan for Trinity.

      AA or Bartlett? Neither I hope – anyone I’ve met from either of those schools has been pretty obnoxious. But maybe that’s just my bad luck…

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      Think I just had a bright idea…Thing is there is a new school in Limerick now and perhaps one thought of elsewhere, can’t remember, Cork?
      Limerick school is going through the whole ‘making a school’ process now, you could contact them & soak
      up their thoughts. Should be sufficiently early stages to inspire you!

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      You offer good advice L1, but its probably a little too late,
      this thread is from over 5 years ago, i’m guessing he finished his thesis by now, or if not, gave up

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      hasn’t a new school of architecture opened up in Waterford IT?

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      UU started a new school at the Belfast Art School (city centre) campus in 2004. I believe RIBA accreditation for the B.Arch course has gone through fine. I believe it’ll be getting approval from south of the border as well. Interesting group of staff and a good location right in the school of art in the city centre makes it even more appealing.


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      Yes, Waterford started their new course in Architecture in September 2005. As far as I know they have recognition for the first 3 years (Part 1) and are awaiting recognition for Part 2 (I stand to be corrected on this). The first lot of graduates with Part 1 will graduate this year.

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      the more schools the better, but I totally agree that it should be on a completely neutral ground away from old school influences. Its hard enough as it is to get in to Architecture in Ireland. We need MORE schools of Architecture.:mad:

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