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      Lisbon Ideas Challenge is an international design competition based on the primary premise that the integration of solar photovoltaic (PV) technology into the built environment must empower not only the PV materials but also create an added value to that environment in a synergic combination of form and function.

      In its second edition, LIC is aimed at promoting the presentation of ideas of well integrated and well-designed urban renovation/rehabilitation plans for the transformation of a low-income residential neighbourhood of Lisbon into a Solar Neighbourhood.

      This Solar Neighbourhood will serve the triple purpose of technological demonstration site, pro-active dissemination and education, targeting several stakeholders, from the local community to public authorities, passing through energy services companies.

      The competition has two levels of approach. On a first level teams are invited to propose intervention, within an urban planning scope, indicating how 1 MW of PV materials could be integrated in the whole site, taking into consideration the foreseen urban structures as presented in the municipality’s renovation plans (please refer to design brief for further details). On a second level teams must formalise their projects so to specify intervention in pre-defined urban-structures.

      Besides the use of solar energy, special emphasis will be given to the overall concept of low primary energy use, the combination with other renewable energies and also other innovative technologies conducive to increasing the overall environmental performance of the neighbourhood.

      Registration Deadline 07/31/2007
      Submission Deadline 07/31/2007

      Further Details

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